LeBron and Co. Turn ESPYs Into Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Wednesday’s event didn’t feature a single athlete condemning the “Ferguson Effect,” where cops are pulling back from fully doing their work following the BLM uprising and the drumbeat of cultural criticism.

Maybe they’ll mention it at the 2017 ESPY Awards. Just don’t hold your breath.

You could say you can’t blame the roundballers, who have to concentrate on game films, etc. Yet and still, they are appallingly uninformed. How could it be otherwise?

A just-released study by a black Harvard professor crushed the BLM mantra about shootings involving police officers and people of color.

So did excellent reporting by Heather Mac Donald. Apparently, Wade [heading for murder capital Chicago to join the Bulls] didn’t see that information. It’s not fully his fault. The media did its best to downplay it.

They have their narrative.

Source: LeBron and Co. Turn ESPYs Into Black Lives Matter Propaganda | PJ Media

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