Sharia, anyone? No, thanks.

I find a lot to like in this by Newt G.:

“Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization. Modern Muslims who have given up Sharia, glad to have them as citizens. Perfectly happy to have them next door.

Source: Gingrich, Obama social media fight over Gingrich plan for Muslims

Kudlow: Trump-Pence Would Send A Clear Signal on War And Also the Economy

Getting us talking (and ultimately doing something) about two biggies: security and the economy.

Donald Trump hit two home runs this week. The first, immediately following the horrific terrorist truck attack in Nice, was his statement in a media interview that if elected he would ask Congress for a declaration of war to combat global terrorism

Source: Trump-Pence Would Send A Clear Signal on War And Also the Economy – The New York Sun

Trump’s War Pledge

Very interesting stuff here from NY Sun.

Obama’s proposed “authorization” limits U.S. involvement, whereas now it’s not limited.
Declaration of War, as Trump intends, puts us on a war-to-victory footing. None of the live-with-terrorism motif as announced by the French premier post-Nice — and I’d say lurking in the background of our “new normal” president as in the matter of slow economic growth and hard economic times.

Neither America nor France has to learn to live with terror. Nor does anyone have to accommodate it.
This was one of the points that Ariel Sharon used to make in the years leading up to — and during — his passage as prime minister of Israel. “Fight terror,” was his mantra. He said it to us and thousands of others at every turn.
All Americans are with France, and all Americans know that our country is every bit as much of a target as the land that gave us Lafayette. It’s not a fight from which any country can shrink.