The Gnosticism of Barack Obama

This early Christian heresy, condemned in the 6th century, has its (unwitting?) adherents down through history.

One of them is our president, as here analyzed by a Catholic theologian.

Here’s the start of it:

Eric Voegelin, one of the great political philosophers of the last century (1901-1985), professed no religion, but he recognized its falsifications.

After extensively studying early Christianity, he found “Gnosticism” to render intelligible certain twentieth century movements like Nazism.

Gnosticism, as he understood it, spins an ideology within which all reality becomes refashioned and so falsified. Gnosticism …


Sit down with this one, from Crisis Magazine.

Rush Limbaugh analyzes Democrats


The plight of the Democrat:

People that vote Democrat are some of the most depressed people you’ll run into.  They’re some of the angriest people you’ll run into, despite — in these last 7-1/2 years — getting everything they want, everything they thought would lead them to their utopia.

But by their own admission at their own convention last night, they’re no closer to utopia than they’ve ever been.  And they’re never gonna get there because it isn’t possible. “

Utopia is a mirage.