Sports celebrity slams Hillary

Hillary? You jest. Which celebrity? Guess who said this?

“We have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person you’d be in prison. So, what is this country really standing for?”

I don’t know, you say. Join the crowd. He’s the guy who slammed Trump, but we have not heard about this part.

One has to wonder why, in this age of hard-hitting unbiased journalism. What happened? 

via BIAS ALERT: Press ignores Kaepernick’s Hillary for ‘prison’ remark | Fox News

A home run for Donald

He has a new best buddy south of the border — or looks like he does.

Indeed, it was a big win — a very big win — for Trump. Going into a meeting with the potential for disaster — who knew how Pena Nieto would receive the world’s most controversial presidential candidate or what embarrassments might lie ahead? — Trump came out of the meeting looking very much like a potential President of the United States.

Standing beside the Mexican leader in front of a green-gray granite wall reminiscent of the United Nations, Trump presented the picture of a statesman.

Quick on his feet, he is. You have to give him that.

via Byron York: Mexico gamble a huge win for Trump | Washington Examiner

Cafe Hayek finds something maddening

The professor says it here:

I find it to be intensely maddening that so many intellectuals are so confident in their views about economic reality that they feel justified in recommending government interventions based upon the assumption that these views are accurate, but simultaneously refuse to risk their own time and money in seeking . . . the ready profits [which they imply] are there for the taking by private parties who have the information that these intellectuals insist that they have.

And you, Professor?

There are many beliefs that I have about reality – beliefs about which I merely write and pontificate and never, ever actually back with my own money, time, and sweat. But . . . I never use my beliefs as a justification for the state to restrict other people’s freedoms or to take other people’s property.


How Trump talks

He’s different, you know. Of course you do. He goes on and on, sidetracking repeatedly, running a shtick.

We’re all in on his act, self-glorifying and the like. We know he’s doing that, he knows we know, so what? We are getting a showman (oh the pols who would love to be able to do that for us), someone who so obviously thinks he’s hot stuff that he has to know what he’s doing.

He’s instinctive, does not have to read a book about how to win friends etc., in his case how, I guess, how to make a deal. Con man? He knows we know. We are all in on it. And we who are sick of the smooth talkers love it, because he is not pulling a con if he’s so transparent about it.

He drives squares nuts. Squares, a ’60s term of abuse based on people who act never on instinct, are not naturals with an ‘s,’ and not . . . ah yes, the ’60s goal . . . natural.

They read about it in books but don’t know it first hand. Or know it, rejected it as not going to work for them.

Trump’s polar opposite is, guess what? Not Hillary, who is a case apart, but Bill Daley in his Chi Trib op-ed Sunday in which he supports a referendum to change how redistricting is done in Illinois, putting himself — carefully, with just the right amount of decisiveness and using all the OK words and phrases in the book — on collision with the chief herder of Democrat cats in Illinois, Crafty Mike Madden.

Whom he fights with The Carefully Chosen Word. Which so far wins nothing.

Colin Kaepernick, social justice warrior, bench warmer

Black lives matter to him, he says, but in general he’s out of step with blacks in U.S., whose anthem he sits for. Thing is . . .

The stereotype of blacks wallowing in self-pity over historical wrongs is mostly a virtue-signalling white invention.

Hah! Well-meaning, badly informed whites are the problem.

via Colin Kaepernick, bench warmer | Washington Examiner



I think I join half the population in saying I have had my fair share of minimum wage jobs… and some pretty shitty ones at that! From working as a cashier in my local supermarket, to hosting children parties at a bowling alley, and finally perhaps the most mortifying of all… pushing a trolley around an investment managers company where I proceeded to shout the words ‘sandwiches and snacks’ in each department.

However, with these jobs come the lessons I have learnt along the way… Below are 10 tips on how to survive that minimum wage job you may simply loathe.

Being a cocky & entitled worker is not a good look.

blog .gifUse your initiative.

blog 4Working on a hangover is never a good idea.

Blogggg 7.gifRemember… “the customer is always right”.

blog 6.gifMake friends with your co-workers. 

blog 7.gifDon’t let that annoying customer affect your mood.

blog 10.gifYou’ll get things wrong and that’s ok.  

Bloggg 4.gifIgnore that overly…

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