No, Trump didn’t kick that baby out of the rally

The mother was heading out to calm the baby down. Embarrassed maybe. I know a six-times mother who would have reacted that way.

Donald Trump didn’t actually kick a baby out of a rally this week in Virginia, according to the eyewitness report of a journalist sitting nearby and the mother of the baby herself.

In a widely-circulated video that spurred headlines criticizing the GOP nominee, Trump was seen saying first that he loved the baby who had begun to cry during his rally, then just a minute later saying that the mother should get the baby out of here.

I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking, Trump said.

But Daniel Dale, a reporter for the Toronto Star sitting behind the crying baby in question, said the mother was never asked to leave and that the entire episode was Trump’s sense of humor being blown out of proportion.

The mother?

The mother, Devan Ebert, also told the Washington Post that the situation did not play out as the media had reported.

“The media did in fact blow this entire situation out of proportion,” she said. “I’m not looking to make it into anything bigger. All I’m hoping is that Trump personally is aware that I am in agreement with him and stand by the fact that I was never kicked out of the rally.”

She said it was “blatantly obvious he was joking” when asking the baby to leave the rally.

Left-leaning lemmings loved what they didn’t get. Fit nicely into their, ah, chosen view of the matter.

Source: No, Trump didn’t kick that baby out of the rally

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