Giuliani explains how Obama ‘founded ISIS’

Masterly screw-up:​

​Giuliani said Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq allowed ISIS to gain a foothold.“Here’s why it happened: He withdrew the troops from Iraq,” said Giuliani. "General [David] Petraeus had secured the eastern part of Iraq."

“It wasn’t in turmoil, it wasn’t in revolution and it wasn’t breeding terrorists,” he continued. "He had gotten the support of the Sunni tribes.

“When we pulled out, and the Obama administration and our secretary of State were unable to get a security of forces agreement for our troops, that’s when ISIS formed. That’s what [Trump] means by it.”​

​Legitimate point made by Trump​. Inexactly, yes. "Founded ISIS"? Not quite, and the jackals give not an inch. Giuliani excellent backstop for sometimes wild pitches.

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