Trump’s recent speeches hit mark

He touches all bases.

Over the last week, Donald Trump has delivered a series of remarkable speeches that have, in my view, reinvigorated his candidacy.

The most recent was yesterday, in Charlotte. The speech has gotten a lot of attention, much of it directed to Trump’s sort-of-apology for some of the rude things he said during the primary season. No doubt Trump is trying to unify the party and mend fences, but in context, . . . 

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Source: Trump 2.0? | Power Line

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  • Dee  On August 20, 2016 at 6:51 PM

    Since Trump has done so well “staying on script” recently, a huffy commentator opined, “I wonder who wrote it for him.” No one has ever asked who the speech writer is for our Commander-in-teleprompter. Like he crafts them himself???


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