How Trump talks

He’s different, you know. Of course you do. He goes on and on, sidetracking repeatedly, running a shtick.

We’re all in on his act, self-glorifying and the like. We know he’s doing that, he knows we know, so what? We are getting a showman (oh the pols who would love to be able to do that for us), someone who so obviously thinks he’s hot stuff that he has to know what he’s doing.

He’s instinctive, does not have to read a book about how to win friends etc., in his case how, I guess, how to make a deal. Con man? He knows we know. We are all in on it. And we who are sick of the smooth talkers love it, because he is not pulling a con if he’s so transparent about it.

He drives squares nuts. Squares, a ’60s term of abuse based on people who act never on instinct, are not naturals with an ‘s,’ and not . . . ah yes, the ’60s goal . . . natural.

They read about it in books but don’t know it first hand. Or know it, rejected it as not going to work for them.

Trump’s polar opposite is, guess what? Not Hillary, who is a case apart, but Bill Daley in his Chi Trib op-ed Sunday in which he supports a referendum to change how redistricting is done in Illinois, putting himself — carefully, with just the right amount of decisiveness and using all the OK words and phrases in the book — on collision with the chief herder of Democrat cats in Illinois, Crafty Mike Madden.

Whom he fights with The Carefully Chosen Word. Which so far wins nothing.

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