Do not say black-on-black to black-lives-matter people

Advice to Dem staffers.

Probably good advice if you want their votes, assuming they vote. At least you want them to stay away from your microphones at rallies.

Not surprising either, in view of news reports in general of shootings in black ‘hoods, not murders. Never say murder, even though you are talking about citizens who shoot and kill other people.

Point is, don’t demonize black murderers, or any other kind, unless they are cops. Cops kill, no problem with saying that. They are even murderers, and sometimes are charged.

This though there are murder sprees in Chicago, where already this year the toll is at record annual level with four months to go. Never say murder. Say gun violence, as if violence were a disease, you catch it, you’re dead or at least sick.

Say shooting deaths, as if they just happen. Do not say black (alleged, if you must) gangster shot (murdered) black person. It will cost you the black-lives-matter vote and maybe lose you a microphone at a rally.

Got it? Get it. Good. Go forth.

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