Do immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally commit more crimes?

Writer says no, presenting statistics.

Reader Ted Ternes rebuts. Go to the Sacramento Bee piece to check on what he rebuts, argument by argument. Three rebuttals seem relevant to overall understanding of the issue:

“Immigration and crime have had an inverse relationship over the years”

implies that an increase in immigrants reduces crime. That is absurd since the reduction in crime is a function of numerous factors, the economy being chief among them. . . .

Immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated in California than U.S.-born adults are”

. . . ignores the fact that many illegal immigrants that commit crimes . . . are deported, rather than incarcerated. . . .

Immigration offenses, not violent crimes, account for most federal immigrant convictions, at 31 percent”

 is. . .  flawed because it only deals with convictions; again, many illegal immigrants are deported for committing crime, and as such are never convicted. . . .

The Ternes comments, here edited for relevance, serve to outline the argument.

via Do immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally commit more crimes? | The Sacramento Bee

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