Chi Trib worries and worries over a social problem

It’s about “youth” being un-hireable because they have been so put upon.

Front page stuff in hard copy, 2,700+ words (!), way down the “breaking news” screen on the web.

It’s the bland entertaining the bland.

Has stuff like:

* “a failure to invest in its low-income neighborhoods and the people who live there”

* “The system has pushed them to the back of the hiring line.”

* “The problem is not new, but it has taken on renewed urgency as violence surges in some of the city’s neighborhoods, often claiming people — as victims and perpetrators — in their teen and young adult years” — that old demon violence, in this case “claiming” perps. Murderers are victims too!

* “executive director of the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance” is first-quoted source, is followed by dozen or so non-profit quotes or citings or references. Not an economist among them. This is a puff piece, folks — no, a public service announcement. You are warned. Feel-good copy.

* “neglect of low-income neighborhoods,” tried and true OK phrase.

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