Illinois Blues: A new heroine by name of Foxx

An Illinois Blues moment here: Dem State’s Attorney candidate Kim Foxx has been working for a firm that has “often sued” the county and has given her $18,500 to help her get elected, Chi Trib reported Sunday.

 How better to illustrate the Illinois Ruling Party way of doing things? She’s been doing it for the year since she left County Board President Preckwinkle’s office — clearly, we may say, with intent to be the prosecutor representing the county.

 Made no never-mind. She plugged away at helping her colleagues with other work while they squeezed cash — $6 million here, $3 million there, etc. — out of the very county which in months she will be working for.

 Not a problem, she said. She promised her justice would be blind. “No conflict,” she decreed.

 The $6-million case was argued by Larry Rogers Jr., a $100,000-a-year man at the county Board of Review, which rules on property tax appeals. He was elected to that (side?) job — as a candidate of the Ruling Party, needless to say.

 He clammed up when taking a call from a reporter.

Asked whether she was working in any capacity at his law firm, Rogers said, “What now?” Then he said he had another call to take, adding that he would call a reporter back before hanging up. Rogers did not call back and did not return subsequent phone messages left for him.

I love that. Any other context, it’s called arrogance.

It’s how it’s done, however.

Foxx did her denials and promises Saturday after a union meeting where she spoke, privately.

Union spokesman Graeme Zielinski had advised the rally was open to the press but denied a reporter entry to the event. Asked whether Foxx was addressing the union workers as scheduled, Zielinski said Foxx would not be attending.

About 15 minutes later, campaign spokesman Robert Foley emerged from the Pilsen union hall to say Foxx was, in fact, inside giving a speech and would answer questions about her consulting work.

 She’s the people’s choice, the people of blue, blue Illinois, which has the blues.

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