No more international work for foundation if president, says HRC person

As Sec. of State, no problem, but president is different. Why? Because she has to get elected to be president.

Clinton Foundation president Donna Shalala says the charity would need to transition some of its work to other organizations if Hillary Clinton is president — even though it didn’t do so when she was secretary of state.

“When she’s president, there’s no process you could set up that would eliminate conflict of interest — so we actually have to reduce the size of the foundation and what it does,” Shalala, who was secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton, said in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”
“What we have to do when she’s president is we have to actually eliminate any aspect of conflict of interest — so all the international programs are spun off,” she said.

Aren’t they careful about this when it suits them.

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