Ken Trainor’s “Trump dilemma” revisited: What Bowman REALLY thinks . . .

Oak Park Newspapers

I missed the boat when I politely declined to be part of Ken Trainor’s round-up of Trump supporters, etc. Had other things to do, had not sorted my thinking on the matter, but was low-energy at the time, to use a Trump-ism I find useful.

But there’s time yet to answer his questionnaire on the matter. So:

1) What is your general opinion/assessment of Donald Trump? Savior of the nation.

2) Do you think he has the temperament to serve as president? Yes.

3) Do you have reservations about voting for him? If so, why? Have none but the usual when casting vote for any candidate, and there are a lot of them, which I won’t go into right now.

4) If you are considering voting for him, what are the main reasons? #1, he’s not the Democrat candidate. #2, he’s not Hillary. #3, he broke the laws of…

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