Hillary vs. Donald: Trigger alert

Hofstra University has posted a “trigger warning” sign to warn students about the potentially disturbing content that may be discussed during Monday night’s presidential debate.

Therapist first responders on hand.

Source: Hofstra University Provides ‘Trigger Warning’ for Presidential Debate | MRCTV

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  • Matt Bowes  On September 26, 2016 at 6:14 PM

    How do these sort of things actually get any play in society? Oh, wait, they don’t. In the world of finance, rich people, and power, nobody gives a thought to any of this. At colleges, they’re turning out the flowers in droves, and they’re in for a horrible and rough life ahead, because there aren’t any trigger warnings ahead, and no one cares* about your special status. Billionaires don’t care about you or your triggers; they fiddle as the world burns. In fact, they probably figured out a way to make money off your triggering and that whole fedaddle.

    * Except for a small circle of people on instagram/twitter/facebook/socialmediadujour.


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