Comey and the Clintons: Thickened plot

On trail of Comey the fink:

The first thing to know about James Comey is that before he became the FBI Director in 2013, he was a top executive at Lockheed Martin from October, 2005 until July 2, 2010.

As former general counsel and vice president of Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor benefited under Comey’s leadership from a number of contracts awarded by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Lockheed Martin has been one of the top defense contributors to the Clinton Foundation:

Hillary’s state department approved:

. . . a $250,000 payment to Bill Clinton for a speech, just three days before a weapons-export contract was awarded to Lockheed:

Connecting the dots, in re Comey’s Lockheed M:

Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. would approve 215 speeches delivered by her husband Bill Clinton and a consulting deal worth a total of $48 million. In sum, 17 of 20 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation saw an increase in arms exports authorized under Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Comey’s Lockheed “would become a member of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010.” Cozy, if also disgusting.

“But it’s not the only company that had extensive ties with the Clinton Foundation in Comey’s background.”

In 2013, the same year that he was appointed the FBI Director, James Comey became a board member, a director, and a member of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee for the controversial London-based bank HSBC.

HSBC is a bank with close ties to the Clinton Foundation that lists among its clients Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate with ties to a Russian uranium deal approved under Clinton’s State Dept., and six other major foundation donors listed in a report by The Guardian.

Disgusting. He’s tied to the Clintons, maybe was installed at FBI with view to being of service.

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BTW, go here for source of article, a very interesting startup, Independent Journal Review.

Comey making a point:

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