Our anti-utopian constitution . . . 

. . . as described by Episcopal priest-poet-essayist Chad Walsh, whom we — loving wife and baby Angela — visited in the early ‘seventies at Beloit (Wis.) College, where he taught.

Nice man, good man. I still have his God at Large (Seabury), then newly published, which opens with a very contemporary, “Brother, can you spare a joint?”

He had solid notions about our national origins, as in this from the excellent Liberty Tree quotation site.

“From the utopian viewpoint, the United States constitution is a singularly hard-bitten and cautious document, for it breathes the spirit of skepticism about human altruism and incorporates a complex system of checks, balances and restrictions, so that everybody is holding the reins on everybody else.”

Source: Chad Walsh Quote – Liberty Quotes Blog

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