Jumping for joy about Cubs, Role of the tax increase in Illinois, A Knife in the Dark

Heavenly joy, earthly angst, bloody murder

* Priest homilist yesterday a.m. in Andersonville, in re: “more joy in heaven over one repentent sinner,” etc., likened that joy to the joy manifested by Cub fans jumping up and down outside Wrigley the night before. Which I thought was a nice shot.

* Meanwhile, back in The Village, in the Oct. 18 CLAIM meeting at Julian, Rep. Lilly unhesitatingly recommended higher taxes.

Asked what “tough vote” she might cast to raise needed revenue, she right away said she would vote to “raise taxes,” calling it a “very difficult” vote. She and Sen. Harmon, “did budget revenue rally,” she said, and came up with “good ideas,” all of which “will have impact on some entity in our state.” We’d love to hear those ideas! . . . .

Read the rest here. . . .

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