Dear Women: A Hillary Clinton Loss Does Nothing To Harm Your Personal Ambitions

Weep not, fair lady.

The public reaction to Trump’s victory has been an unrelenting frenzy. Two sides forecast something that’s either Utopia and Armageddon. Maybe it could be somewhere in between?

And something else is on people’s minds as well, particularly among the left: what does this mean for women?

What does Hillary’s defeat mean for women?


Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has been no stranger to using the appeal of her gender to garner support. To many women, this was a major reason to support her. The narrative has been of aspirational transferation by the shattering of the glass ceiling.

Women and girls everywhere were supposed to finally find personal inspiration by electing the first woman president of the United States via identity politics.

And now that that opportunity has passed, many of these women and girls are heartbroken and dispirited. All I can say to these people is: don’t let the failure of one woman influence your perception of what can and can’t be achieved by women.

Keep calm and carry on.

Source: Foundation for Economic Education

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