Lay of the post-election land. Republicans are Trumpists now.

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Oak Park Newspapers

Reading Wall St. Journal: Trump’s policies are to become Republican policies. Previous policies are “all on the wane.” To achieve this radical transformation , Trump had to win, and that’s all he had to do.

Outside Washington, Republicans found themselves trying to define the new Republicanism. Post-expected-Dem victory, GOP was to be in disarray. Now GOP is in the catbird seat, prepared to press its advantage. (Let the media rage.)

“We have learned from the lessons of last night,” said a moderate Republican state senator in Ohio. Wow. He will change from a moderate Republican — RINO, in name only, to the right) to Trumpist. A former South Carolina state chairman said he has to learn how to do this.

in her farewell address, Hillary talked about the glass ceiling : it hasn’t been smashed, but “some day someone will . . .” (Is there a Margaret Thatcher in our future?)


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