Guess how legacy media warhorse explains Hillary defeat, tells where to find unbiased coverage. Marist High consigns 5 tweeting seniors to outer darkness

Oak Park Newspapers

Immediately following his kickoff lecture for Dominican U.’s new foreign-correspondent “initiative” — lecture series plus internships — on 14 Nov, onetime major-TV reporter Marvin Kalb was asked about the election. He put it to the audience of 200 or so, did they want a diplomatic answer or one that showed how he “really felt.”

No one wanted the former, as tempting as the offer was — what’s not to like about diplomatic answers? — so he spoke from the heart, elucidating these points among others:

HRC lost the election because she “carried baggage from the ’80s” in Arkansas that when examined added up to nothing but which “created the narrative” that dogged her to the very end.

Additionally, hers was a “blunder” to use her own email for official purposes. “Trapped, she fumbled around for six months” before admitting it.

Finally, the FBI played a “scandalous” role in all this…

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