Lukewarm to unfavorable review by Irish reviewer of series “Rebellion”

In the middle of it, the reviewer offers a neat categorization of one of its heroines, a tough dame — not the character pictured here, btw:

Speaking of Frances, she tells us that she’s now tasted freedom and can’t go back. Freedom which for her appears to be a taste for shooting men and kissing women. Not exactly the archetypal feminist stereotype but not far off.

I went looking for this having just read in The Oxford History of Ireland, ed. R.F. Foster, 1989 that only 15 rebels were executed by the brutal military commander, vs. this show’s dozens.

This show’s accuracy had been a bone of contention, the reviewer notes.

Arguments over historical inaccuracies became a Sunday night ritual over the last five weeks but the programme was never supposed to be a bullet-by-bullet account of Easter Week.

Nor firing-squad death for f-s death. We might have been warned. But it’s a lesson for us on what to take at face value when drama or more commonly melodrama goes all supposedly historical. Caveat lector.

Source: Rebellion came out fighting but in the end it went down in flames

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