Hard-hitting Hillary fan and worker blames her campaign — and her

This fellow has it right. It couldn’t have been otherwise. She would have to fight above her weight to counter Trump, which is why Trump was the ideal Republican candidate. None of the others would have punched like him

There aren’t many people on the planet who hate Donald Trump – and love Hillary Clinton – with the Savonarola intensity of a David Brock.

But the Democratic dark-arts impresario has come to believe, in the harsh light of last month’s bitter loss, that Clinton’s biggest problem was simply not being more like Trump, at least when it came to dealing with the press.

But in an extended clear-the-decks session on POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast, he aired a long list of grievances against Clinton’s Brooklyn-based campaign for not defending her forcefully enough.

She was a dodge-’em candidate, nasty but without staying power. Flawed everything else, including as wretch of a wife, putting up with a wretch of a husband, and finally fatally flawed candidate.

(Not to say he would not have beaten any other, but who the heck might that other have been? Which says so much about her party. So much, as Trump would say, repeating himself to great effect.)

Source: David Brock blasts Brooklyn, ‘animals’ in press – POLITICO

Anan at library, Kanye West at the tower, Trump and the Russians

Oak Park Newspapers

Gentle reminder on top of his emails, Mayor Anan meets the people again at the library tonight 7-8:30, in the company of veteran public office-holder, once of the Taylor Avenue Newberrys, Carolyn Newberry Schwartz, Director of the Oak Park Collaboration for Early Childhood. 

Won’t be there myself, having gone North Side Chicago some 18 months ago (where the perfect children are) and finding the ride south and west something of a burden even in pleasant weather. But am happy to see Mr. Mayor still bringing the mountain to Mohammed, to use a very old reference, and not waiting for people to show up at village board meetings. 


Now, another thing. Did you know Kanye West had a sitdown with The trump-kanye-ivankaDonald? Came to The Tower. They are friends. Talked about “multicultural issues,” including violence in Chicago. Remember in the campaign, Trump giving several save-black-neighborhoods…

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See how the outlets pounce on the Putin business. Red meat for them . . .

El Rushbo making it clear. A little perspective, people!

This Is How Fake News Becomes the Narrative: “Russia Hacked the Election”

December 12, 2016


RUSH: Folks, we are living in the midst of a giant teachable moment. This is how it happens. This is how fake news takes root and becomes the narrative, becomes the daily script of the inside-the-Beltway soap opera written by the Drive-By Media. This whole business of Russia hacking our election is fake news with the imprimatur of intelligence agencies and the CIA, and it’s brought to us by the same newspapers that took out, tried to take out Richard Nixon. And if I didn’t know better, I would say they are trying to relive the moment and “Watergate” Donald Trump.

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