SHE MADE IT UP: NYPD Arrests Muslim Girl Who Claimed Attack by Trump Supporters

It’s people like her who make it hard for the dozens of Muslim girls who really were attacked by Trump supporters. (Sigh) What you gonna do?

New York City college student Yasmin Seweid who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters is under arrest and charged with filing a false report, a police source told The New York Daily News.

The 18-year-old Seweid caused quite the media stir with her sensationalized account of Trump supporters attacking her on the subway. She claimed three men attempted to pull off her hijab while calling her a terrorist and yelling Trump’s name.

All this happened, she said, while New Yorkers sat idly by and watched her get assaulted.

Hands off my hijab, she would have said if it had ever happened. (Sigh)

Source: SHE MADE IT UP: NYPD Arrests Muslim Girl Who Claimed Attack by Trump Supporters | Heat Street

Does no one clue Obama in before he makes a grand statement?

James Taranto offers “Hypothesis and Proof”:

“Obama: President Without Briefings ‘Flying Blind’ ”—headline, Associated Press, Dec. 13, 2016

“Obama Skipped 62.5 Percent of Intelligence Briefings This Year”—headline, Washington Free Beacon, Oct. 2, 2014

Either bald-faced liar or bald-faced forgetter, ghastly or ghostly.

A look at the “soft despotism” of Obama governing

Sauce for goose? How mediums look at Trump, ignore Obama:

During the election, Donald Trump was routinely likened to Hitler. The headlines suggest not much has changed.From the New Republic: “Donald Trump Is Already Acting Like an Authoritarian.”

National Public Radio: “Donald Trump: Strong Leader or Dangerous Authoritarian?” The New York Times: “Beyond Lying: Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Reality.” The New Yorker: “Trump’s Challenge to American Democracy.

”What’s striking here is that the same folks who see in Mr. Trump a Mussolini in waiting are blind to the soft despotism that has already taken root in our government. This is the unelected and increasingly assertive class that populates our federal bureaucracies and substitutes rule by regulation for the rule of law. The result? Over the Obama years, the Competitive Enterprise Institute reckons, Washington has averaged 35 regulations for every law.

He said it: He has a pen and a telephone. Gets his way any which way.

Source: Despotism and Donald Trump – WSJ