Barker Tea House & Coffee Barker, Cardiff

New follower here with fantastic pix. Wow. Makes a guy hungry.

Adriana in Wonderland

My boyfriend and I have this huge issue whenever we are hungry: we always struggle to choose what and where to eat. And I feel like this is a big problem for most people. Time passes by as you are scrolling website after website to find the most delicious food. You go through your social media struggling to stumble upon the most picture-worth menus and are still not satisfied with the result. You ask friends and family, because you are tired of going to the same old place all the time. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently an Ambassador of the application #Ordooand I have to admit that I cannot wait for it to launch in the next few weeks. It will definitely save me the trouble of endless searches for the best places in Cardiff, because they will already be chosen and picked up…

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To celebrate a Christmas present from one I have known all her life . . . 

. . . who however missed the first 20 months of mine:

Pears wonderful pears:

  ……………. Pears are among the most popular fruits in the world, and it’s no wonder why! They are an excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C for only 100 calories per serving.

And, they’re sodium free, fat free, and cholesterol free. That’s a lot of nutrition in one sweet and juicy package!

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, and pears are a delicious part of this menu. But what makes pears so healthy? Let’s take a closer look, starting with the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans! …….

Go for it, kind Reader . . . right here . . .