Chi Trib columnist swallows spleen, congratulates Trump, and if that’s not news, what is?

Well, he did and he didn’t. He did approve of two cabinet choices.

The new man at Labor runs fast-food operations that employ 90,000 people. He knows hiring and firing, payroll matters and the like, “won’t need a crash course on the issues his department handles.”

The new man at State will make the switch from oil man to another occupation and will adjust accordingly. He’s good at doing and succeeding at whatever he takes on, the argument would go.

There’s no obvious reason that Tillerson can’t . . . shift his allegiance [from Exxon] to serving the public interest (to the extent his boss allows).

But most appealing to the columnist, the supposed libertarian Steve Chapman, is the candidates’ liberal bent — the Labor man’s openness to liberals’ immigration policies, the State candidate’s gay- and Planned Parenthood (abortion)-friendliness, but especially his endorsement of anti-warming carbon taxation.

Most notably, he endorsed a carbon tax to combat global warming — and Exxon Mobil has lobbied Congress to pass one. Having someone with that viewpoint in the most important foreign policy job could be helpful to the planet. [sic]

I say supposed in view of his regularly espousing liberal causes, as opposed to libertarians’ regularly opposing them — Instapundit Glenn Reynolds being a prime example.

Meanwhile, when Trump does something of which Chapman approves, it’s with wonderment, as if Trump forgot himself. Or as he might put it, as if the broken clock were right again, twice a day as usual, and who wants a broken clock?

Source: Two good Trump Cabinet choices – Chicago Tribune

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