Nice rundown on what a guy Obama is . . . 

. . . giving chapter and verse of his sterling character, among other features.

Petty political ploys are standard operating procedure back in the Chicago wards that spawned President Barack Obama’s career.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has declined to retaliate against the U.S. sanctions over the Russian hacking during the election season.

With Putin, Obama’s actions smack of a jilted suitor, writes columnist Andrew Malcolm.

Source: President Obama’s Russia punishment seems the work of a jilted suitor, columnist writes | McClatchy DC


2 thoughts on “Nice rundown on what a guy Obama is . . . 

  1. If you recall Obama is the only president in history to become publicly a punk by Putin however Mr. Trump received a congratulatory letter and applause from Putin because Trump isn’t soft like Obama and Trump is American as well


  2. Sorry he was called a PUNK by Putin…


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