Requiem for Democrats


Face it, Democrats, where you are at the start of 2017 is not where you thought you would be.Just eight years ago you were looking at several decades of liberal governance under your very own Franklin D. Roosevelt, with united control of the federal government.

Now, as they say, you can drive to Utah from Florida without passing through one state that is not under unified GOP governance.

Your political leadership is now geriatric, and your candidate cupboard is bare.

And what set of miscreants brought this upon you? Look no further than your most recent two-term-winning presidents, so glib, so winning, and so very persuasive that they lured you out on a limb that they sawed off behind you, and left you to fend for yourselves.

Sad, but couldn’t have happened to a more deserving ideology.

Source: The sins of the gods | Washington Examiner

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