Woe is us in Chi-town, especially us in the ‘hood


President Obama plans a farewell speech next week in Chicago, and perhaps he’ll notice that while he’s been in Washington his hometown has become the nation’s murder capital and largest gang war zone. Worth reflecting on is the city’s upswell in violence last year that followed political protests against law enforcement and a pullback in policing.

I am reminded of the punk, celebrated as protest leader, who showboated in the cop’s face during one such protest/blocking of rights of way for vehicles and pedestrians.

Am reminded also that one candidate talked (more than once) about the plight of the law-abiding in black ‘hoods. The other bristled at the idea that there’s a problem. She lost, he won.

Meanwhile, Chicago politics is full of hand-wringing about “violence” and the victims and hearts going out etc. but nothing about LAW ENFORCEMENT, which (can you imagine?) is the heart of the problem.

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