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WARNING: Trump’s EPA Secretary Will Have ‘16,000 Employees Working Against Him’

Not too surprising. Theirs is the most religiously leftist of all leftists. And I mean they have articles of faith that must be held to the death.

Source: WARNING: Trump’s EPA Secretary Will Have ‘16,000 Employees Working Against Him’


C.S. Lewis on hymns

From Weekly Column by Fr.George Rutler for January 29, 2017

C.S. Lewis did not care much for hymns, which he said were usually fifth-rate poetry set to fourth-rate music.

Sad but true.

He added:

Exceptions include the great works of Charles Wesley, John Mason Neale, John Henry Newman, and the like. Those were sturdy adaptations of classical theology set to splendid tunes. As such, they stand out from the bad verse and banal tunes that have descended on congregations from the culturally bleak 1970’s onwards

Father Rutler’s book, The Stories of Hymns – The History Behind 100 of Christianity’s Greatest Hymns, is available through Sophia Institute Press (Paperback or eBook) and Amazon (Kindle only).

A piece-by-piece strategy of international cooperation

The expected US-UK agreement:

The bilateral trade agreement that he is now set up to reach as rapidly as possible should pay dividends not only for Mrs. May but for Mr. Trump, as well.

It could yet serve as the premier template for bilateral trade agreements of those who would have been bound with us in the Trans Pacific Partnership. And for, say, Mexico, if things get to the point where a bilateral arrangement looks better than the North American Free Trade Agreement, with its supranational structure.

And it could be the embryo for a values-based expansion of the special relationship, to include not only America and Britain but others who cherish liberal democracy.

A developing gathering of eagles.

Perceptive analysis of Trump effect . . .

. . .by one of his (formerly) dedicated opponents.

via How Trump is remaking the ‘culture war’ | New York Post

Big business, Hillary, and the daughter of Hugo Chavez

“As the federal government has progressively become larger over the decades, every significant introduction of government regulation, taxation and spending has been to the benefit of some big business.”
“The [‘Hillary Care’] plan prescribed some eye popping maximum fines:$5,000 for refusing to join the government mandated health plan; $5,000 for failing to pay premiums on time; 15 years in prison for doctors who received ‘anything of value’ in exchange for helping patients short circuit bureaucracy; $10,000 a day for faulty physician paperwork; and $50,000 for unauthorized patient treatment. When told the plan could bankrupt small businesses, Mrs. Clinton said, ‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America.'”
“Socialism, failing to work as it always does. This time in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden, there’s no food to eat. And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez. Hello!”

An honest, judicious Pope . . .

. . . who claimed not to know it all:

“It is no easy matter to define the relative rights and mutual duties of the rich and of the poor, of capital and of labor.

“And the danger lies in this, that crafty agitators are intent on making use of these differences of opinion to pervert men’s judgments and to stir up the people to revolt.”

Wise man.

Actress cut off at 7-minute mark in speech to female marchers when she got to Ivanka

Guess what? Like the march, it was about abortion, stupid.
If it weren’t, they would have had far fewer marchers.

Pope vs. Trump. Again

Does Pope Francis have any unexpressed thoughts?

Obama-lovers, Trump-haters, take notice . . .

. . . of what’s happened in the last eight years. (from a libertarian)

Chuck Schumer’s First Fail

The new minority leader is likely to go 0 for 8 in opposing Trump nominees.

Perhaps the warning sign was that actual sign—the poster board that stood beside Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Jan. 4. “Make America Sick Again,” it blared. Democrats had intended to mock Donald Trump. Instead, some neglectful aide had made the incriminating text about Republicans on the sign too small for the cameras.

Twitter had a field day, circulating a photo of the nation’s top two Democrats trumpeting their wish of ill health on the nation.It was an inauspicious start for Mr. Schumer, and things haven’t improved. Looking to step grandly into Harry Reid’s hobnailed boots, the new Senate minority leader publicly set for himself as a first task the takedown of eight of Mr. Trump’s nominees. These “troublesome” picks, suggested Mr. Schumer, would have a hard road to office.

Two embarrassing weeks later, as Mr. Trump stands to take the oath, he instead looks set to become the first president in decades to pull off a perfect nomination performance.

Read the rest here.

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