Daily Archives: February 4, 2017

You have a problem with “1984”-style oppression:?

Try Brave New World, says this writer, arguing our proclivities lie in that direction, not in 1984‘s


Spotlight on movie “Spotlight” — ongoing vs. the movie’s alleged distortions

Not much of a market for this brand of debunking, which is no reason to dismiss it, of course.

Your place for anti-Trump news-YAHOOOOO!

At this moment in the history of the world, 2:50 pm, 2/4/2017, you cannot find a better news site.

Going, going, GONE in the cause of THE LEFT. Yay.

Hard question from never-Trumpers

It’s about your associations.

Advice for Trump

Spill the beans on the Iran deal.

Never-Trumper has a problem

Which MAGA hat to buy.

Trump the miracle worker

Democrats coming to Jesus.

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