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Telling the post-truth with alternative facts

When Kellyanne Conway used the phrase “alternative facts” engaging in a verbal fistfight with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” the hysterics in the media saw the sky falling. (Chicken Little lives.). . .

That’s not all. How foolish of F. Chuck Todd, as Rush Limbaugh refers to him, to call alternative facts a lie. Doing so, he consigns “On the other hand . . . ” to the trash-bin of discontinued phrases.

Fact is (sorry), it’s a term of argument. You concede a point but raise another in at least partial rebuttal: “Consider this, if you will [or dare].”

Chuck, on the other hand, is deaf to the tones of debate. But prosecutors always are, and he engages in prosecutory journalism, as do many of his colleagues in the dismal profession.

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