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Give-’em-hell Harry on his daughter’s singing trashed by critic

Said he would give the critic a new nose, etc.

Verrrrry unpresidential, right?


Trump v. Nordstrom’s

They caved to protestors and dropped Ivanka’s line. He objected.

Yikes, another Harry Truman.  (Link astutely supplied by commenter M Scott Eiland)

This is pretty good about Trump as president

Part of a longer piece by onetime Sun-Times owner held in low esteem by many former Sun-Times news people, Conrad Black:

[Trump’s] losses of temper and lapses of civility are sometimes signs of his large ego, sometimes of business method exercised for the first time from the presidency, but they are also sometimes cunning tactics to exploit the weakness and stupidity of the Democratic leadership and their brain-dead claque in Hollywood and most of the press. [boldface added]

Black has checkered history, to say the least, and the broken clock is right twice a day — he did his time , by the way — and has The Donald and our overall situation nicely in this .


Later: Whoa! Forget the smarmy broken-clock-twice-a-day business. On careful reading, I think the whole column is brilliant. Glad to see the author back in the newspaper business.

Major insight into anti-Trump mania

Someone named Katie Tur is afraid Trump might have her killed.

Well, he wants to get along with Putin, doesn’t he?

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