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Cate Blanchett Locates Her Moral Compass in Her Vagina

An International Women’s Day story for everyone.


“I’m trying to visualize that,” said Rush Limbaugh.

At which a guffaw could be forgiven.


In discussing the Illinois and Chicago fiscal problems . . .

. . . Why don’t we include public-employee union leadership when we cite bottlenecks in solving them?

Rather than focusing on Rauner and Rahm, for instance?

Your Thomas Aquinas for everyday use

Cannot say enough for this gem of a book. Pocket-size, near poetic.  In some sense a book to live by.

My Way of Life: Pocket edition of St. Thomas; the Summa Simplified for Everyone, Paperback – 1952

Faith and morals, Francis, faith and morals

When the heaven will he get that? (And shut up about world politics)

And he might also review his defining down of the office to which he was elected.

As in this: “I don’t see myself as anything special… I’m a sinner, I’m fallible.” Nothing special, eh? Might he tone down his own populism?

On the other hand, he need not remind us he’s fallible, with off-cuff commentary on a regular basis. When he’s gone, will he have left the papacy in shambles, as Obama has left the Democratic party?

And they knock Trump for his tweets.

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