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NC motorists who hit protesters blocking roadways will be legally protected under proposed bill | Fox News

I have often wondered about this, which may be an idea whose time has come.​


Newsalert: Liz Harrington: Health Care is not a Fundamental Right


​Some interesting things said here.

From Wash Free Beacon woman on not a right: Constitution is about rights not to be treated, not what’s to be provided.

From Fox Business host: Reminds us of FDR’s "four freedoms" — from want, etc., a basically socialistic position ballyhooed in my childhood (1930s, 40s) as a New Deal plank. Nothing there about right not to be treated by the government.

Basic issues here, basic point of difference.​

BOMBSHELL: Report says Comey’s testimony that Huma Abedin forwarded emails to Anthony Weiner was not true – twitchy.com

​Comey, he compromised.


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