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Trump neither down nor out . . .

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Trump Shared Intelligence Secrets With Russians in Oval Office Meeting – WSJ

Key elements of this story:

1. ​
according to U.S. officials,


​2. ​

according to the officials,


According to one U.S. official,


The Wall Street Journal agreed not to identify the ally because another U.S. official said it could jeopardize the source.

The ally? Nice of the Journal to keep that out of the paper. But why did the Journal agree not to identify the helpful officials who gave it the story?

Instant reaction: We know whoever they are, they are out to get him. We know it’s take-a-leak time at the White House. We know Trump is not their kind of POTUS.

Question of day: WHO ARE these nameless leakers? Is there a reporter around who can arrange a meeting in a basement garage and discover this? Woodward-Bernstein of our day, where art thou, Brother?​

Sun-Times on the selling block — and Tribune owner wants to buy it | Chicago Sun-Times

My favorite Chi daily, by a long shot.

Seems like a solution here — assuming S-T keeps its identity.

From Tom Hickey’s With Both Hands:

Image result for Trump With Soldiers and Marines

President Haughty gave out his academic-smoothie aura so clearly, did he not?

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