Daily Archives: June 9, 2017

Comey’s ‘Hill Worth Dying On’

​The man who went along to get along. Until it backfired.

As is standard practice for most of us. And he’s still thrashing about to save himself. Again, as many would.

But wouldn’t he ​be embarrassed to broadcast it?

It’s not nice to watch, I’ll tell you that.


Chicago leads the nation in underwater homes

​The kind of news that makes many — an electoral majority last time around — run with a stubborn Republican governor, because Democrats have no new ideas about how to reverse such bad situations.

It’s the economy, stupid, as a smart Democrat said decades ago.

Even moderate drinking could harm the brain, new research suggest

​It would have to be a bad-news day to beat all for this item not to rank among the worst.​

Gitmo Prisoner Released By Obama Arrested In France Recruiting For ISIS

​Get out of jail free card not a good idea.​

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