Oak Park sticks with county minimum wage rule hours before it takes effect, declines opt-out vote – Oak Leaves

​A first-term Oak Park trustee’s rude awakening​:​

Trustee  [Deno] Andrews, who owns Felony Franks on North Avenue ​[first-year man, had raised the issue as bad for business], said the issue has been divisive for Oak Park, and was discouraged by the tone of the arguments.

“I’ve gotten hate mail, calls and messages,” Andrews said. “I’m a little disappointed, to be honest with you.”

Regarding his own restaurant, Andrews said he has paid his workers more than the current minimum wage, and pledged to keep his wages above the new minimum, while also asking those in the audience to continue assisting the village’s local businesses.

“We are at risk because of this, but it’s worth taking,” Andrews said. “The small business community is going to need your help. I don’t mean just talking about it, I mean doing it.”

And the which-side-are-you-on crowd made enough noise, the vote was called off. Yes.