I decided to call Robert Mueller’s prosecutors a wrecking crew . . .

. . . Looked it up and found no one Google cares about was calling them that.

However, Google did find something similar, at GQ [onetime Gentleman’s Quarterly], where it’s a “suicide squad,” tho nothing in the story justifies that designation, which GQ itself says “sucks.” (So why use it? I do not know.)

Anyhow, an earlier article, like the “suicide squad” article bubbling over with (gentlemanly) praise and respect, calls them a “Murderer’s Row.”

Other possibilities come to mind: The Hunting Party (shouting “Tally ho,” (there goes the red-headed s.o.b., let’s get him).

Or: The Gashouse Gang (1934 St. Louis Cardinals: using “rough and tumble tactics”) . . .

The list goes on, or it could . . .

Just watched Cubs manager do it again, like in last game of World Series . . .

. . . Leave a star pitcher in too long. 

On the mound: Jon Lester allowed three runs on six hits over 6 2/3 innings before being removed in the seventh.

After throwing over a hundred pitches getting bombed by Nats’ heavy hitters for whom it was batting practice, leaving Cubs with a one-run lead after leading 4-1.

Which fell apart almost immediately, the Washington bombers came back next inning with five more runs, then shut Cubs down the rest of it.

All in all, not a good sign, says this amateur observer of our lovable team. And maybe it didn’t matter anyhow. that leaving a pitcher in too long. Just hope I don’t sound too much like Pope Francis, saying what do I know?