Social justice warrior/sports writer misses the point in l’affaire Kaepernick

Rick Morrissey, sports writer with inclination to preach, says Kaepernick is a great f-ball player, but:

. . . he doesn’t have a job, almost surely because he knelt during the national anthem last year in protest of what he thinks is the poor treatment of African-Americans in U.S. society. Apparently, this is much more frightening to NFL teams than the garden-variety league issues of domestic violence and assault and battery. A fist to the face is better than a knee on the ground. That seems to be the mindset.

Difference here escapes Morrissey, namely that domestic violence, as bad as it is, is done privately. But the national anthem business is done publicly. Insult the flag and the country privately, you keep your job. Do it before an audience of millions in team uniform with intent to gather political support, you know what you are doing and you pay a price. So it seems.