Chi Trib boo-birds come out of the cold, finding “divisive Bolton” the perfect target

Here’s the old debbil himself:

Bolton in TiB 3-25-18

We have the “Divisive Bolton” part thanks to today’s hard-copy head for this story, page 27, Section 1. Digital editors thought differently, though their mean old headshot does something like it.

The writers pretty much let their hair down on this one, unloading all things negative and scary about a Trump appointment who shivers their timbers and gives an opening to their deepest fears and worries.

Nothing good to say about this fellow, just what feeds the the similarly deepest fears and worries of the echo chamber. Fair and balanced, eh?

via John Bolton’s take-no-prisoners style may prove problematic in the White House – Chicago Tribune

Gone and not soon enough forgotten, the man who jiggered an ex-pope’s message . . .

. . . to make his boss the incumbent look good.

Did he unwisely capture and internalize the curial climate which puts a so high a value on making the incumbent look good?

He’s bounced for now from this job, but such loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Pope Francis asked Msgr. Vigano, 55, to remain at the secretariat as “assessor” to “make your human and professional contribution” in assisting whoever is named the new prefect as the Vatican continues its long and complicated work of unifying its communications efforts and various media outlets.

So. He’s still around. Beautiful.

Notice. No castigation of his dishonesty in service of the pontiff.

Later: Au contraire, he clearly thinks the world of the man:

The Pope applauded the “great engagement” and the “style of available confrontation and docility” of Monsignor Vigano with the collaborators of the Curia and he stresses that “the reform of the Church is not first of all a problem of organization charts but, rather, the adoption of a spirit of service.” He thanks the outgoing Prefect for his “humility” and his “profound sensus ecclesiae.”

That last is “sense of the church,” or feeling for what’s best for it. Well.

Trump as neutralizer of the “progressive elites”

How good can you get in defining the Trump presidency?

. . . any report card on the Trump Presidency must begin by recognizing the great progress he has made in undermining the power and legitimacy of our progressive elites.

Whether on Twitter or through more traditional media, Mr. Trump has used politically incorrect language and proclaimed overtly traditional values of faith and patriotism.

His language has at times been vulgar in more ways than one. But his intent has been clear: to affirm traditional norms in a manner designed to make elites lose their self-control and drop the mask that long covered their hatred for traditional American society and the people who love it. [Italics added]

My thoughts entirely. The lifting up of skirts over Trump and how he talks has put opinion-makers in a faintly ridiculous position. I take their indignation as confirmation of my support — and that of many others, I believe.

via The University Bookman: Trump so Far

School Resource Officer Stops Shooter

The way it’s supposed to work:

According to St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron, the school resource officer (SRO) fired a round at the shooter, who fired a round in return. The shooter is now dead, . . .

The incident is now over, though the shooter managed to injure two students. One of them is in critical condition in the hospital, Cameron said. The SRO was not injured during the incident.

What is there to complain about as regards this armed presence of a responsible guardian of students’ lives?

It’s a Barnum and Bailey world . . .

Election day!

. . . Just as phony as it can be
But it wouldn’t be make-believe
If you believed in [insert name of one seeking office] . . .

The candidate’s song, adapted for election day 3/20/18 or any other, from the dawning of voting.

Without your [vote]
It’s a honky tonk parade
Without your [vote]
It’s a melody played in a penny arcade . . .

So . . .

It’s phony; it’s plain to see
How happy I would be
If you believed in me . . .

. . . and gave me your VOTE!