American Journalists Are Hysterical Knuckleheads

Andrew Klavan On The Culture:

This column has, on occasion, been disparaging toward American journalism, but only because it is now populated by the biggest bunch of knuckleheads ever to be assembled outside of Knucklehead City on the planet Knucklehead.

Remember the sitcom news anchor Ted Baxter with the big voice and the slick haircut and minuscule IQ?

Well, if you added the emotional stability of a three-year-old having a temper tantrum, you would have your typical American journalist and commentator, not just on cable but at the networks and newspapers too.

I could lasso a gorilla, give him a lobotomy, and teach him to do the job better than these clowns in fifteen minutes.

But perhaps I overstate my case. Or … do I?

Let’s take a look at three stories and how they were reported just within the last few days.

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