Cardinal Burke discusses possibility of his own excommunication by Pope Francis

Hard to imagine but no so hard as all that. But see how C-Burke references the issue when asked about it.

In his talk at the April 7 conference, Cardinal Burke referred to the writings of Cardinal Henry of Susa, called Hostiensis, a 13th-century canonist. “Apart from public admonition and prayer for divine intervention, (Hostiensis) does not offer a remedy for the (papal) abuse of the fullness of power,” said Cardinal Burke.

“If a member of the faithful believes in conscience that a particular exercise of the fullness of power is sinful and cannot bring his conscience to peace in the matter, ‘the pope must, as a duty, be disobeyed, and the consequences of disobedience be suffered in Christian patience.’”

More patience than most can muster, but see how far back the learned cardinal goes for his response. He’s been looking it up, we suppose.

And can you hear Francis and his allies chortling? The idea. Going back that far, when now is the hour when ideas fly best that are in tune with the latest thinking. Burke should get with the times, the Francis camp says.

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