‘Gay Doesn’t Matter’ Remark Continues ‘Shadow Magisterium’

Why does Francis keep having these conversations that has him saying something and not saying something at the same time?

Why doesn’t the Vatican press/news office deny what he’s supposed to have said? Why does Francis not lay into the supposed prevaricators? He’s generally not shy about laying into people.

How long will this kind of back-door point-making continue, assuming that’s what it is? And are we not justified in thinking that’s what it is. Again, he’s not shy about making points. Why not in these cases, denying or doubling down?

Shadow magisterium? Good turn of phrase, if nothing else. And it does not look like it’s nothing else.

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Trump tweets support for Chicago police union members who protested Emanuel

[See correction of what I wrote, below!]

[What I wrote —>] Quickie here, caption correction for sake of journalistic objectivity.


President Donald Trump tweeted that the city won’t allow “tough police work” to stop Chicago violence, which he falsely said is at a “record pace.” (Evan Vucci / AP)

Correction: Make “falsely” “inaccurate.”



Whoa, slow down! The above quote is from the story, picked up (naturally) by the caption-writer! 

This was the ChiTrib City Hall reporter writing this, for gosh sakes!! Shame on him!!

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