Who are the real Neo-Gnostics?

Fr. Z. solves a problem.

It often happens, at least to me, that when Pope Francis starts swinging pejorative labels around like so many clubs, it’s hard to know just whom he means to lather.

That said, when Pope Francis uttered the epithet about Self-Absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagians, I knew right away that that meant catholic libs.

Some years later, he is talking again about “Pelagians” and about new “Gnostics”, though not in the ancient and technical sense of the terms.

At The Catholic Thing, Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap. – bane of libs – has set his pen to electronic page to [in]scribe a comment about whom the Pope is really labeling.

Actually, he finds that Fr. Weinandy has solved it, namely whom Francis is talking about when he swings his pejorative labels.

Be careful with this. It has some nicely argued explanations. Read carefully. (Beware also Fr. Z’s witticisms. Dangerous man.)

via Fr. Z’s Blog

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