The St. Gallen Mafia’s “LGBT” Youth Synod

The “mafia” in question being the cabal of cardinals who met at St. Gallen, Switzerland before the election of Benedict. It’s a term one of them used jokingly for themselves.

They are described as having engineered the election of Francis, with a goal of remaking the church, in which they were thwarted by Benedict but are being helped by Francis.

They include . . . 

. . . ominously scandal-ridden figures like Cardinal DanneelsCardinal Murphy-O’Connor, and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick—the timeline was estimated at just four or five years to “make the Church over again.”

At this point,

October’s youth synod is about finishing the old business of the St. Gallen mafia. It will mark four years since Archbishop Bruno Forte crafted a manipulated synodal report on the “precious support” found in same-sex relationships—released the very day that two Italian political parties backed homosexual unions.

Pope Francis approved the text before it was published, and his homily that day excoriated “doctors of the law”—an “evil generation”—for resisting the “God of surprises.” Archbishop Forte, meanwhile, declared to the media that “describ[ing] the rights of people living in same-sex unions” is a matter of “being civilized.”

More here via Crisis Magazine.

. . . in a long article extremely well done, full of links to sources.

Just keep in mind, the church has survived worse. Though mostly from outside enemies, however.

The question Father Martin keeps dodging

One Jesuit to another: there’s something you left out.

So in a trenchant First Things review of the Martin book, Father Paul Mankowski, SJ, asks it:

Is sodomy a sin? Perplexed readers of Fr. James Martin, SJ’s latest book will want to put the question to him, if only to understand why he felt it important to write at all.

Remember, please, there are Jesuits and there are Jesuits. In this corner . . .

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Kethledge Rising, As SCOTUS Infighting Reaches Fever Pitch

Judge Raymond Kethledge an originalist, as in this recent opinion “with a direct invocation of originalism.”

“Faithful adherence to the Constitution and its amendments requires us to examine their terms as they were commonly understood when the text was adopted and ratified, rather than applying meaning derived years later that may weaken constitutional rights,” the opinion reads.

Which is to distinguish things that change from those that don’t. Key to our survival as the nation we have become.

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Blase Scores “Hat Trick” – Pope Taps 3 Auxiliaries for Chicago

Cardinal Cupich consolidates for some big pushing on a national scale.

In the works for quite some time from his seat on the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Blase Cupich’s much-anticipated backup has arrived – at Roman Noon, the Pope named three auxiliary bishops for the 2.4 million-member archdiocese of Chicago: Fathers Ron Hicks, 50, the vicar-general; Mark Batosic, 56, until now chaplain of the Cook County Jail; and Robert Casey, 50, until now pastor of the city’s St Bede Parish.

Young, vigorous, accomplished, eminently appointable.

Cupich’s first batch of deputies since his arrival in late 2014, the bishops-elect were all classmates at Mundelein and ordained priests together by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin in 1994. With the triple nod, the number of Stateside auxiliaries added to the bench within the last two years now stands at 25.

Preparing the way for winning the next national bishops’ meeting vote for head man. And for proliferation of future bishops in charge of whole diocese.

Francis’ man in Chicago and the U.S. gains a lot here.

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