McCarthy opposes new CPD training academy, rolls out anti-crime strategy

Obvious, but good, point.

“This police academy is a shiny object that Rahm Emanuel can point to and say, `I’m all about police reform.’ It’s for political purposes — not functional purposes,“ McCarthy said.

Thing is, I can, perhaps naively, think some of the candidates are capable of having non-political purposes, but not Rahm.

With my first Chicago mayoral vote ever coming up, I find myself eager to participate.

via Chicago Sun-Times

Pope: Truces imposed by force won’t bring peace to Middle East

He’s been dipping into Robert Frost lately.

ROME – Closing an ecumenical encounter with Christian leaders from the Middle East, Pope Francis on Saturday said that “truces maintained by walls and displays of power will not lead to peace,” only a concrete desire to engage in dialogue will work.

Seriously, folks, can’t he come up with something not market-tested? OK words abound, do they not?

(Robert Frost? Here. He could do worse, I grant you. Yet and still . . . )

Also, how were them dialogs with Palestinians led (a while back) by the likes of Yassir Arafat and friends? Intransigents all.

via Pope: Truces imposed by force won’t bring peace to Middle East