Strawless Starbucks To Offer Cupless ‘Direct Pour’

The last straw? Not by a long shot.

Just days after announcing it would drop plastic straws to save the oceans, Starbucks today introduced the option to have your hot beverage dispensed without a cup.

The new Earth-friendly ‘Direct Pour’ service is expected to increase sales by winning over people who have avoided Starbucks as a way to protect the planet from human refuse.

Little things mean a lot.

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You have to see this riveting video of Cardinal Cupich

Which I intend to do, but first, consider this about the video from a Michael Sean Winters column of last November:

As Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin pointed out in responding to the [Rev. Thomas] Weinandy’s strange account of how he came to the conclusion that Jesus wanted him to write to the pope [a highly critical letter last October]: “If one’s idea of discernment is seeking signs like this, then why would one trust, say, a divorced and remarried Catholic to consult his or her conscience about whether it is permissible to receive Communion? It is no wonder that discernment seems so arbitrary to some people. And so frightening.”

To which I am constrained to ask why Fr. Martin and others, including Winters, would be concerned with what a pope says in the first place.

If discernment opens the way for them to do what they wish, why were they bothered by previous popes who narrowed their options?

via National Catholic Reporter