The old Peronista Francis mobilized vs. U.S. Protestants who like Trump and prosperity . . .

. . . through his alter egos, the sock-’em-bustem Jesuit Spadaro and his Protestant partner in same from Argentina. His slash-and-burn friends who take no prisoners going after the demon prosperity, i.e. capitalism.

[Jesuit-run] ‘La Civiltà Cattolica’ rails against prosperity Gospel and its support for Trump [is]  not shy about making the link between the prosperity gospel and the crisis of globalization — political, social and economic.

And how are things in Argentina, Your Holiness? Barter economy picking up, right? Here are the ladies at the barter market, for instance:

As inflation soars, Facebook drives trading in Argentina’s barter clubs

Most are women, some accompanied by children. Cardboard signs with their names scrawled in black marker hang from strings around their necks. They walk slowly around the old concrete platform yelling out the names of people they had agreed to trade with in a forum on Facebook (FB.O).

They are the face of a resurgent but little-reported phenomenon in the suburbs surrounding the Argentine capital – barter clubs.

The clubs have tens of thousands of members and are attracting hundreds more every week. They have become an unofficial economic indicator, showing the toll that soaring inflation and high unemployment are exacting on South America’s second-biggest economy.

Field hospital, anyone? What, no prosperity? I’ll be darned.

via ‘La Civiltà Cattolica’ rails against prosperity Gospel and its support for Trump- La Croix International