It was Cardinal Cupich (not Fr. Szarek) Who Wrote the Letter Condemning Fr. Phillips

The hidden hand?

A source inside the religious hierarchy has confirmed that it was Cardinal Cupich, and not Fr. Szarek, who wrote the recent letter to parishioners of St. John Cantius announcing that Fr. Phillips would not be allowed to return to public ministry.

Mahound’s Paradise has seen documentary evidence establishing the truth of this.

The letter, signed by Fr. Gene Szarek, the provincial superior of the Congregation of the Resurrection (the “Resurrectionists”) and containing the Resurrectionist seal, appeared in the St. John Cantius Bulletin [a month ago] . . .

The ventriloquism display . . .

. . . will perhaps not come as a shock to many. But it’s another confirmed example of the archdiocese’s distinctive (to put it politely) modus operandi in the entire Fr. Phillips affair.

It’s been a winding path throughout, for sure, beyond the creativity of most soap opera writers.

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“June’s credible finding of abuse of a minor by Card McCarrick is now under added probe by Congreg for Defense of the Faith – a first in the case of a cardinal… given other noise around of late, meantime, all this likewise needs be said:…”

Oh what a friend Cardinal “Joe Tobin” of Newark had in McCarrick, whose recommending letter to Francis worked.

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